Awning/tent spikes source


Hey all, I found this company while searching for an alternative to the Snow Peak awning/tent spikes I was wanting to buy, but seem to be out of stock everywhere.

They sell many different sizes and colors, etc for different applications at very reasonable prices. The ordering process was super easy and shipping was reasonable considering the weight of the spikes I ordered.

Check them out if you need a good set of spikes for your tent or awning or whatever... You won't be disappointed!


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I make my own spikes. I go to a local supplier and get 12" spikes. I then weld a washer about an inch down from the head of the spike. That allows you to seat the spike to the ground, yet still allows you to slip a claw hammer over the spike head to pull it out. Plus it gives a big flat area to strike when pounding them in.

Works quite well for me, although it seems nearly every time I go camping with new people, I always end up making them a set for their own tent.


My Dad had some stakes fabbed when I was a kid. After a family friend stepped on a cheap metal stake shreadding their foot he got some large spikes and had the weldor down the street put on the washers. The washers were flush with the top so that there was never a chance of stubbing a toe or getting hurt. It was rare that we ever had to pry the stakes out. Every once in a while we'd have to use the hammer or hatchet to hit the head sideways to loosen the stake though.


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:sombrero: Harbor Freight has some really cool big/little stakes with green plastic clips--cheap-

I've been using mine for over 4 years !

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I don't weld and the spikes that come with the ARB awning are pretty cheap. I've used the 'big nails' spikes with the green plastic hook and being plastic,
eventually the heads break. I got eight 12" spikes for less that $3 each, plus shipping. I thought it was a pretty good deal anyway.

To each, their own.


Give Zack a shout at Overland Gourmet. A little patience and he got them sourced when everyone except Snow Peak themselves showed out of stock. Used them for the first time this past weekend. Loved the hook to hold down the tent and the hole to use the Snow Peak Hammer to pull them out also. Nice product IMHO. Beats the heck out of the cheap stakes that came with my Springbar.


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I have bee using orange plastic construction stakes

I run bright orange cord through them and add my own two hole tensioner. Easier to see and fewer "clothesline injuries". They stay attached to my awnings. If camped on rock they can be slipped through the handle of some re-useable shopping bags full of dirt or rocks.