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Being NOB (North of the border) felt a little strange after almost a month in Baja. As temps started rising we pointed the Bago North and found a great boondocking spot outside of Sedona, Arizona. The Forest Service road was a big sketchy with a big rig but the views were awesome.

Our spot was a quick Jeep ride from some awesome hikes. The temps were nice and our solar was cranking so no need to run the generator.



Our northward migration continued to the Grand Canyon. We found another great boondocking site on Campendium just outside the park borders.

I did a hike a little ways down into the canyon on the South Kaibab trail. This is a pretty steep trail and the 7,000ft elevation at the canyon rim make this a difficult hike.

Maybe a mule ride back up would be a better idea?

On what turned out to be our last day, we started to see smoke drifting around camp. Kind of a scary situation when you are camped in a forest. After talking to some Forest Service employees driving by we learned a prescribed burn was happening in the area. The winds were gusting to 20mph+ so burning the forest didn’t seem like a great idea. We all decided it was best to leave the area.


Lake Powell

After getting smoked out of Grand Canyon boondocking spot, we headed North to Lake Powell.

The weather calmed down so I blew up our boards and we did some paddling on the lake.

The water looks inviting but was pretty cold.

A quick trip back through Page took us to the famous Horeshoe Bend on the Colorado River. The place was mobbed with tourists but is still pretty spectacular.



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Oh wow, please keep posting, amazing pics and great to see you guys finding the balance between RV and 4wd travel.

Going to send my wife the link to your site, see will love the pics


From Lake Powell, we headed North to a boondocking spot on the Virgin River outside of Zion National Park. We had seen all of Utah's National parks in 2009 but wanted to explore more of Zion.

We took a slightly sketchy BLM dirt road right down to the canyon's edge.

The mountain biking and hiking in the area were awesome.

Zion was a little crowded but I managed to score a last permit to hike The Subway.

Fortunately I got an early start and saw very few other hikers. This pair contemplated the last part where you have to submerge into the chilly water to go any further. Wetsuits are recommended. We collectively decided not to go any further.

Another cool slot canyon hike - Kanarraville Falls.




Greetings from Bago basecamp here in Moab, UT.

IMG_3952 by ssichler, on Flickr

Enjoying some boondocking aka free camping and a ton of activities like hiking, biking, and exploring by Jeep. The Bago is a lot dusty but worth it.

IMG_3967 by ssichler, on Flickr

I started an Away We Winnebago YouTube channel and am posting short (I promise) videos. Here's a Jeep trip in Moab I took with friends last week -