Away We Winnebago


Last June my wife and I moved back to Oregon after a sixteen year stint in LA. We sold our overpriced piece of the California dream and most everything else and now travel in a 2007 Winnebago Journey towing our Jeep. It's not a beefy EarthRoamer or Spotsmobile but we have still gone to some amazing places and use the Bago as a base camp.

We started the journey in Central Oregon.

There's a lot of beer there and I guess some other great stuff...

like mountains...

and rivers and lakes to paddle...

and more mountains...



I too love Oregon it is our base home !!! You could spend years just exporting our beautiful state. A very nice start to your journey, great pics look to see more ! Good luck and be well!!


And there was also the Oregon Coast...

It even stopped raining for a couple of days at least to enjoy the beach.

We headed up to Washington and enjoyed the Northern Cascades outside of Leavenworth.

Boondocked (aka free camped) outside of Twisp.

Camped at North Cascades National Park.

Went to La Conner on the Sound and had some great weather and sunsets.

Paddled some...

Headed back to Oregon for a beautiful but short fall. Clear Lake and the Mckenzie River was probably a highlight. Watching our Ducks get shellacked by Huskies at Autzen was definitely a lowlight.

Sunset at Clear Lake.


Waterfalls on the McKenzie River.

Great wine and vineyards in the Willamette Valley.

We headed back to Oregon Coast with plans to leisurely travel south for the winter.

But then October turned into Raintober with atmospheric river storms lashing The Bago.



We went south down the California coast but the rain followed us. A quick check of the weather revealed the perfect cure for Raintober - Death Valley. First we to Lone Pine and the Alabama Hills.

We had wanted to boondock in the Alabama Hills but after driving around it appeared all the suitable spots for our rig were taken. We found the nearby cheap BLM Tuttle Creek Campground pretty nice for $10 a night.

As many expo members know this area is great for exploring.

Mt. Whitney Portal reminded us winter is coming.

Death Valley beckoned so we hitched up and drove a short but steep and twisty road to Furnace Creek Sunset Campground. The days were pretty warm but the nights were spectacular.

I think other Expo members were in DV at the same time but we didn't see them. We did see some idiots take a Kia Soul down the road to Playa Racetrack.

I couldn't find the sailing rocks. I guess I was looking in the wrong place. Oh well. Next time.

Death Valley got a little busy with the 49er Encampment so decided to try Mojave National Preserve.

We stayed at Whole in The Wall Campground which cleared out nicely during the week.

The nearby rings trail was a fun hike.

We will have to go back and explore more.



Thanks azken and Berglid for the comments.

Berglid - Towing the Jeep is really easy. A company in Washington State called Roadmaster makes a tow bar and braking system I use. Takes less than 5 minutes to connect/disconnect. You put the Jeep into neutral on the transfer case and shift into park and you are good to tow.


For the holidays we decided to get the Bago serviced and stay with friends and family in LA and Palm Springs. I did manage to squeeze in a quick trip to Joshua Tree.

After Christmas we packed up and headed to Anza Borrego Desert State Park. By coicindence we ended up meeting and camping next another couple who were headed out to Quartzsite, Arizona for an Xscapers convergence (working age RVers).

I love being able to just pull up in open desert and camp for free. New Years was a little crowded and not the best weather but still a ton of fun.

I could spend all winter in Anza Borrego and never get bored with all the Jeep trails and hiking.

These huge sculptures outside of Borrego Springs were awesome.




Ah Baja. Came here for the fish tacos but staying for these views.

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Trying to escape the city
Amazing pictures! Even though many people like to rough it, there's something nice about always being able to sleep, eat, and live in something clean and nice.

Oh and I never knew wheels changed when you drive into Baja... odd. lol


Amazing pictures! Even though many people like to rough it, there's something nice about always being able to sleep, eat, and live in something clean and nice.

Oh and I never knew wheels changed when you drive into Baja... odd. lol
Thanks. My Dad's buddy had an almost new set of 5 Rubicon tires and wheels sitting in his garage in Arizona he made me a deal on.