Avon Trailrider First Impression


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I haven't posted on this forum in a long time, so I decided to come back and participate more. I have been using the same tires on BMW GSs (Michelin Anakee-2) for many years, but since Michelin discontinued them I was forced to change. After trying a few sets of tires I didn't like, I have finally found my Anakee-2 replacements.

The Michelin Anakee-2 were a good tire for my type of riding. Varied pavement, county dirt roads, and the dirt roads in Big Bend. When Michelin discontinued them I managed to find one last set to put on my F800GSA. They finally wore out, so I started searching for a replacement. Avon recently introduced the Trailrider, and they remind me of the Anakee-2, so I decided to try them. I put a set on a few weeks ago and I have ridden them on two-lane backroads, 80 mph on the highway and over a curb at Buckees when I was making my escape from that awful place. The tires don't shake, slide or sing. They grip well and stay completely stable when riding on the grooved pavement the hwy. dept. now likes to put on the roads. If anyone is looking for a road oriented tire that still has the ability to take you down easy dirt roads, I recommend the Avon Trailrider. Here are some photos of it on my GS.