Average Garage Build Trailer.


So here it is. I will never be able to afford a Turtle Back or Xventure, so i decided to build my own!

I started with a little farm trailer i got for free. It had no VIN and No Title, so i had to go down that process, which here in Wyoming is a Royal Pain. Once a title, VIN and Registration was in my hand, i began the build. It got used once this spring for a very muddy campout, and it was determined that i need some sort of a top on it, a tarp would not do.

The hitch was one of those universal type that fits either 2" or 1 7/8, and was a royal pain to get to clamp down on a 2" ball. So first step is to remove it and install a Kilby or a Lock N Roll. I havent decided which one yet.

So last night i got the old hitch cut off with my trusty grinder.

It currently has 205/75/15 Tires on it. I took advantage of a 4wheelparts.com Presidents day sal and ordered a set of new rims, and i have some 33x12.5's to throw on it. Will have to move the fenders up and trim them to fit the 33's. I test fit a pair of 32's and they just barelly cleared. Eventually i will build custom tubing fenders, but thats a bit down the road.


The axle is currently in a SUA configuration which will do for now. Later plans include ditching the axle in favor of timbrens.

The back tailgate slides up and out, and can fold flat like so:

So i will have to do a little fab work to make some slots for it to sit in and act as a galley table/ cook prep/ stove top while at camp.

Some basic things i am planning on building:
  • Lockable storage boxes inside the trailer
  • battery box with a 6v deep cycle, and camp lights
  • propane tank holder
  • water tank
  • canvas style top with hoop braces
  • fold out work table

I am looking at this tarp for the top

For paint, i am considering putting Restore(commonly used for wood decks) on the inside and outside.

Let the affordable trailer build begin!
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Get a price at Mytarps.com Look in the section Machine cover.
I am happy with mine and it has held up well.
Many colors and fabrics.


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Stripped down to the frame, looks like I have some rust to remediate. For some reason I can't load photos from my phone. Will try on the laptop later.
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Got a new hitch on, the trailer stripped down to the frame and re-painted. Picked up some wood to rebuild the walls. Also mocked up the 33's and found out i needed 2" spacers. I dont like how close it sits to the frame, so i will have to keep my eye out for some 33x10.5's. For some reason i still cannot upload pics to the site. it just says "failed" and doesnt give me a reason.


Ahh!, a chrome bumber B. Maybe not such an averge garage.

Trailer progress looks good.
Good Eye! 72 MGB. My dad and i re built her when i was a munchkin. He promised me that when i got my own house with a garage, i could have her. Not much on power, but shes fun to cruise to go get ice cream, or take to the lake in the summer. The Electric Overdrive sure is nice.


I can see your pics.

BayouBoy, look for an extension for your browser. For chrome it's called "photobucket embedded image fix".


Finally!! Had to go resize the photos to get them to load. Got the trailer buttoned up for the summer. The major stuff is done and will get me through till next winter when i can spend some quality time with it. 33's, stretched out the fenders, new floor, new hitch.


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