Avalanche Owners - Have You Ever.....


Blocked off the drains to the outside of the forward most cap just inside of the sail panels? I'm looking to add a little more room for my new fridge toward the sides and the gutters run from that drain to the final dump drain at the rear near the tailgate. Both of my runners have been duct taped back together - one of them is in great shape while the other is - well, not so much. I've never recalled any water in the bed of my truck -so not sure how much actually goes through there - or maybe it works so well that I don't actually see any. But, with the shape of that one gutter and that I've been through monsoons with a fully loaded bed - I would have to believe something should have gotten wet - but it never has.
So, I'm thinking of fabbing a plate for the underside of the drain grates and sealing them off - then removing the gutter system altogether. Anyone ever done that or have an opinion on it?