Auxiliary trans cooler, thermal bypasses and such.


Yes that is what I found as well. Since that post I have re introduced the factory in radiator trans cooler. It runs between 165-200 depending on how long the truck has been running. Towing has no effect on temp.
I was just about to post about how i saw you changed that back. As far as your hose popping off. Have you thought of switching to JIC/AN fittings?

Edit: i see your issue isnwith the threaded portion of the fitting. Ditch the teflon tape, that **** doesnt belong anywhere in a car, especially in a trans where bits of it can clog a valve body.

You need to look for the real issue as to why its leaking. If youve got an oring on that fitting, the oring ONLY is used to seal that fitting. The threads dont seal anything unless its a taper thread.

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None of this matters
Yeah i didnt know about the teflon tape being bad. I didn't see there was an o ring there either at first.

I'm not sure if the O ring broke and that caused the leak or if the fitting loosend and my repeated attemps to tighten it broke the O ring.


None of this matters
I put this on the back burner since I bought the Forester. It still had a slight leak/seep. It is GM's quick connect style found on everything from cavaliers to 3500 trucks. I initially found the nut that screws into the radiator was loose and I spent all my energy investigating that problem. I eventually figured out there was an O ring inside that nut as well and that is where the fluid was seeping out of. I replaced that O ring but fluid still got past it around the trans line. The little clip keeps the line in the nut but doesn't keep the flange of the line against the o ring. I put another O ring behind the clip and put it back together, no slop now and no leak.