Aux gas cans - TJ


What is everyone doing to haul around extra gasoline on their TJ's?

I love that my Chevy Tahoe has a 30 gallon fuel tank to carry around my diesel fuel... I like being able to go out for days at a time and not worry about fuel levels when everyone else with me needs to stop for gas.

However, I want to get my Jeep out for longer trips, and it's tiny 15 gallon tank needs some backup fuel supply for extended travel. I see a lot of guys have gas cans on their rear tire carriers.

What do you use?




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There are several options. One, you more than likely can modify your 15 gallon tank to accept 19 gallons. It has something to do with the filler. Do a search or ask the 15-19 gallon question over on They will be able to hook you up with the specifics.

Next is to use the Genright 25 gallon tank. Not cheap but nice. I have the 32 gallon safari tank from them on my LJ. I love never worrying about fuel.

Then there is the tried and true Jerry Can. Either Scepter or Original NATO. You can mount one to the spare, get the OR Fab carrier, etc. Or even carry them in them in the jeep.

Lastly, you could order the TJ aux tank from Long Rangers. When I last called them they were willing to ship it to the US. I'm sure one of the Long Ranger importers could get it on the next Container for you as well.


Thanks for the comments, fellas!

I especially like those Rotopax tanks. Those look pretty cool!