Autohome columbus

Lucky j

Ok, so it's way up theire in the north east but it could be a good reason to explore a nice region of eastern canada.

So I'm posting this for a good friend /neighbor

So, they have decided to sell their Autohome Columbus tent

Model Columbus Variant
Size Medium
Lenght regular

inclued Options: Insulated liner for colder temperature (by autohome$$$)
Solar/battery power air ventilator (marine type) thru the tip shell. White and look realy nice but also very effective to get condensation out or
fresh air in.

Asking price 2500,00 canadian or equivalent US$


Located in Petite-Riviere-St-Francois (Charlevoix) Quebec Canada (Just west of Baie-St-Paul) Also on your way to the translabrador highway.

Purchased new about 2 years ago (from my memory)

Rarely used (they are working in Inn management from may to october) and it is in storage during winter (suspended in a well ventilated space and protected from the elements).

Matress like new with Original plastic protective cover still on. (they purchased a gel matress to replace the original one, but it is not sold with the tent)

Never used on a dirt road or in winter so it is like brand new.

Sold cause they don't use it enough and are looking for a good home or adventure. They also just got a small sail boat and have a 4 seasons camper project.

His name: Jean-Louis Maltais
Language french and english