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I just did this. 2010 FG 140 4x4 160 000 KM. I bought it at auction, I have not even seen it yet as it is 1200 KM from home I am on Vancouver Island and it is near Edmonton. Monday I will have to arrange a bank transfer and transportation. I am sure I will have lots of questions but now I am a bit overwhelmed. 😂
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Welcome to the world of FG owners! This is a great resource for getting answers to your questions...they all helped me and still do. We all look forward to seeing what you do with your rig and helping where we can.

ps - Kerry is right. It sounds like you might be having it shipped which is a really good plan. If not, first step when you get home will be to have your kidneys replaced and back adjusted...bare FGs are a miserable ride.


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You could score yourself one or two of those 275 gallon totes ....(always useful for water storage or resell back home)....strap 'em to your frame as far back as possible.....ride well w/ one, and like a cadillac :) with 2 of 'em @ about 2300# filled with water.


even with 3000 pounds (whatever they are) one should avoid trying to adjust the radio lest one fractures one's appendages.


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I drove mine with 90psi in the tires and just an empty service body from NC to CO. The first time I drove over a bridge expansion joint I thought an IED had exploded beneath me.


Made the trip this week. Last minute flight, and a bouncy ride. But all went well. I need a windshield, Speedo fix, and there a a few mystery light. Pressure washed the chassis today an tomorrow I will hit it with por 15 prep and paint. Started measuring for a flat deck but I will start a new post with for that.