AT Combo Slide and Partner Steel Stove (AT Edition)

Perhaps my outlook is incorrect, but I tend to think of this site as a group of like minded individuals, therefore I tend not treat it like Craigslist where I price something high so I can get beaten down in price. I had priced it based on another sale (on expo) a few weeks ago where he had it priced for 950$ (albeit with the wind shield). But from what I understand now there was recently a unit that sold for $800, so I'm willing to match the comp on that at $800, I'm firm on that price, any lower I might as well repurpose the accuride locking draw slides for some other project.

As for as it goes for shipping, I am willing to ship at your cost, but I do want to caution you that it's ~70lbs, there is an aluminum "lip" that I fear may get damaged if I put this on a UPS truck (it's too heavy for USPS) in a simple cardboard box. I looked on craigslist and there are some pelican gun cases that it would fit in which would certainly protect it better, for ~$120 I'll leave you to haggle on price with those people individually.

Apologies if the above is a rant, I suppose it is lol, but I was offered some insulting prices.
I wouldn't get too upset about lowballing Chaos. Haggling is just part of doing business on the Internet.

Personally, I NEVER buy used gear for "the going rate". Either it's a screaming deal, or I buy it new. Unfortunately that means that I will sometimes offer someone less money than they would like to get.

You did not specify that your price was firm. That might help to sort out the riff-raff next time. ;)

Disclaimer: I did not make an offer to Chaos for these goods.
Maybe the evaluation on the item you want to sell is too high then. Here is my suggestion, if you want to sell an item for what you believe its worth then take more and better detailed pictures. Two fuzzy pictures isn't going to do. Clean your lens, use good lighting and take good close up shots from multiple angles. Also it looks filthy, clean it. From your pictures it doesn't even look like you even tried to clean it or wipe it down with a damp rag. Clean the stove with some grill cleaner and scrub it down good. Same goes for the slide itself. Honestly if I paid $800-$850 for it and that's how it looked when you dropped it off I'd be a little upset. I think a little TLC and good quality pictures would give better representation of the product, make it more appealing to buyers and get you closer to what you're asking for. My 2 cents.
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Perhaps my outlook is incorrect, but I tend to think of this site as a group of like minded individuals,...
I'm a relative newcomer, maybe a month or two on the forum, and I used to view it that way, but already I've seen three instances of folks buying vehicles at great prices from fellow forum members, enjoying them for a few months, and turning around listing them here after "tweaking a few things" for $10K-$15k more than they paid for them. Sooo.. the fact that we are all supposedly like-minded individuals is hardly a guarantee that some of our brethren aren't above making a quick buck on their potentially less-experienced forum colleagues.
NOT accusing you, Chaos, of being one of those guys, but there's really no way to know. Just saying that just because we're all into this stuff doesn't mean that prices have anything to do with "helping a brother out."
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And, don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to be rude about your post or reply. Just wanted to mention that we have all types here, just like anywhere else. :) It's a good forum filled with mostly good people.

Like sn_85 said, spend an hour polishing that puppy and you should get $800.00, no problem.