Asking Price Advice - 2005 Tundra TRD AC


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Hello All,
I thought I would refer to the expertise on this site to get an idea of an asking price for my 2005 Tundra AC SR5 TRD 4x4 with 117K miles on it. It has been an AMAZING truck, buy the kids are getting bigger now, and I'm going to have get a truck with a bigger backseat.
I bought the truck from my father-in-law about 6 years ago. He had it for about 5 years before me. There was one owner before him who put minimal miles on it. I've done the following in my ownership: - New timing belt/water pump at 95K - Poly bushings for steering rack - New sway bar end links and bushings about 10k miles ago - New headlights (old ones were fogged out) about 1K miles ago - New front calipers and rotors about 5K miles ago - Has had rust proofing administered to underbody - minimal rust present - Has BFG KO2s on it with good tread left - Has a matching topper on the back - Oil changed every 5K miles with Mobil1 Synthetic.
Like I said, it's a great truck! I've had zero problems with it. I would keep it forever if the kids would just stay the same size!
So, if anyone has some asking price ideas, I'd love to hear them! Your time and expertise is very much appreciated!!


Where are you located? This will greatly affect the price. Toyota trucks carry a VERY heavy tax in the NW.
Pics? Check kbb and other value sites for your area to get an idea of values. Also, I suggest you get the carfax for it. I’ve always purchased the carfax for any vehicle I’ve sold and give a copy to any potential buyer. If it’s as nice as it sounds, it should command top price for private party sale.


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Thanks for the responses, everyone.

The frame is actually in good condition. I had a jelly-type of frame protectant added a couple years back. I also religiously take the truck to the wash during the winter for underbody cleaning. There is some surface rust in a few places, but I try to wire wheel and paint during the warm months to prevent it from spreading.
Like I said, it’s a great truck and I’d love to keep it forever, but my family is just outgrowing it!


Burgundy is not the most sought after color.
But you have a nice cap and good tires.

I'd say ask for $14k to start off.