Artistic Shots- Well thought out, framed (positioned), artistic shots only please.


Here are a few from my album.

Darby Canyon, WY

Virginia City, MT

The Heber Creeper, Heber City, UT

Canadian Geese on Waterton Lake, Alberta Canada

I like to see the difference in pictures between color and Black & White as you may have noticed.

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Photog said:
Death Valley, near Stovepipe Wells.
Taken with Canon 1D MkII, 70-200mm f2.8 L lens using a polarizer.
The polarizer and evening light make the colors quite bold.
Great shot Brian. I just got a Singh-Ray LB polarizer. Shots like yours here, is making me anxious for spring to arrive so I can get out and use it.

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Here's a few of my submissions--

Ground Zero in NY

I spied this beauty at the Kent, CT fire station

Kent Falls, CT

Taken in Maryland (can't remember where)

Upstate NY

Horseneck State Beach, RI

Beach Bonfire, RI

I have a ton of pictures on my Flickr account. I have yet to upload my racing pictures.

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Rob O said:
Hadn't seen this thread yet and have been throwing things (randomly) into the "random shots" thread!

Suppose I can contribute to both. :)

Wish I could have positioned myself better so the balloon wasn't near dead-center. Oh well ...

click for larger version
Another great shot Rob. You wouldn't happen to be a fan of Ernst Hass or Jay Maisel would you? It looks like your style may have been influenced by them, especially by Maisel.


Early September in VT National forest enjoy............

That is a really big spyder........

Canon Rebel EOS Digital SLR.........
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From my website:

Zion NP, 2007 "Hiking up the Narrows"

Moab, UT, 2007 "Fins n Things" (in a rental Jeep!)

NORCEA Championships, 2007 - USA's setter Loy Ball about to fling a nice quick back set. Middle hitter Ryan Millar in the foreground on approach for a front side quick set. (shooting indoor sports from the stands is very challenging!)

Sedona, AZ 2007 - Indian carved entry door

Red Rock State Park, CA - 2007 "Nightmare Gulch"

Death Valley, CA - 2007 "Detail of the wheel - Old Dinah - steam tractor"

Moab UT - 2006 "Lions Back"

Moab UT - 2006 "Lions Back"

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WOW. There is a lot of really great stuff here.

Ho: about the "SnapOn" image.....Yummmm:D