Artistic Shots- Well thought out, framed (positioned), artistic shots only please.


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Some still life shots from our SE US explorations:
Two different dead critters washed up on the sandy beach, victims of the gulf’s poison algae ?
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More still life’s from trip:
Large acorn cap....or a carved, wooden Indian basket?

Some fungi growing on tree bark...or coral under water?
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Last one for today:

1700’s still life Oil painting or a photo, perhaps of a coastal river in SW Florida?

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Some people need to lay OFF the saturation, contrast and vibrance/clarity sliders...jeeeez oh man. Mega over processed.
😢😢😢 seems you obviously don’t get it that the word “artistic” is purposely used in the title of this thread. Not everybody agrees with each other as to what might constitute art. Clearly.
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In a previous life I was an avid (young) photographer.... then real life....
20 years later, the age and miles are showing, and degenerative back problems are in focus now.
So in an effort to re-prioritize things, photography has surfaced yet again.

I'm currently getting reacquainted with my Rx100 markV my wife purchased for me a few years ago in a noble attempt to get me shooting again...
I went to school for photography, and was one of those nuts that loved swimming in the chemicals in the lab, old school...
As such, I tend to avoid as much post processing as I can. Though for social media those filters and HDR sure are temping.

This is one of my most recent ones, more of a test than anything. But I'm fairly happy with it.
Though I still feel it required too much editing (levels). I could have done better.
The RX100 can do it.... I just need to learn how.


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