Around the world since june 2000


We are Anna Callau and Pablo Rey, from Spain and Argentina, driving around the world since June 2000 in our Mitsubishi L300/Delica 4x4, a.k.a. La Cucaracha (The Cockroach)

It has been 300.000 kilometres (almost 200.000 miles) driving thru some of the worst roads of the world. We started in Barcelona, Spain, and we travelled the South of Europe, the Middle East and Africa from Cairo to the Cape. We crossed the Atlantic Ocean in a fishing vessel during 23 days and wandered slowly around all the American countries, from the Magellan Strait in Tierra del Fuego to the Arctic Ocean in Deadhorse and Inuvik. We've driven the PanAmerican Hwy., the Dalton, the Dempster, the TransAmazon and the Road 40 in Argentina.

We had 4 bad breakdowns in places you wouldn't like to have any problem: in the Sudanese Sahara (at 270 km. of Khartoum), at Sibiloi National Park in Kenia (next to Lake Turkana, at 800 km. from Nairobi), a frozen engine in the Bolivian Altiplano and another breakdown in the deserted Chilean Andes. We had to fight in Trinidad and Tobago and Brazil, when someone put a knife in my neck, we've been robbed in Athens (Greece) and Addis Abeba (Ethiopia), assaulted with AK47 in Kenia and attacked with stones in Venezuela.

We have lots of stories and travelling tips in our page It's mainly in spanish (some of the pages are in english), so if you are not familiar with the language, you can try the funny google translator... it will give you a clue about what we are writing about...

We have three books in spanish (you can find them in Amazon: Historias en Asia y África,[URL="[/URL] El libro de la independencia y Por el mal camino[/URL]) and we just finished the translation into english of our book AROUND THE WORLD IN 10 YEARS: THE BOOK OF INDEPENDENCE.

See you soon... somewhere on the road!!:smiley_drive:



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The map...

Hey guys!, This is the map of our last 150.000 miles (in red) and some of our future miles (in blue). Well, future miles, we are never sure which way we are going to take... And we'll probably go also to the east coast of U.S. and Canada, and that's not on the map....

So, since june 2000 we drove thru southern Europe, Middle East, Africa from north to south by the east coast, we crossed the Atlantic Ocean in a fishing vessel during 23 days and started to travel overland thru Latin America, where we've been during the last 7,5 years...

We've been assaulted with guns, knifes and fists (Kenia, Brazil and Trinidad & Tobago), we've got to fight a couple of times (both, Anna & me), we got 4 bad breakdowns: in the Sahara desert in Soudan, in Turkana area in Kenia (we've got to travel 500 miles to look for a mechanic and come back 500 miles with him, and his best friend, to our 4x4)... we've got a frozen engine in Bolivia's Altiplano (4.500 meters above sea level) and another breakdown in the chilean andes...

There are lots of stories... it's amazing how intense is the life outside, in this beautiful and wild world, outside our safe cities, far away from home... maybe, that's why we decided to continue living there, anywhere, in the road, where the night find us...

As the song says...

Good roads (although the bad ones are better...)

Mr. Leary

Glamping Excursionaire
It was so great to meet you guys at Overland Expo. You guys are an inspiration for all of us. I'm looking forward to reading your books.

Safe journeys, wherever they may be!



Hey Mike! It was really nice to be at Overland Expo! We met a bunch of travellers and lots of people with a traveller heart...
About our books, we can send them anywhere in the U.S. They are only in spanish for now... but they will fit great in any overlander collection!

So, if anybody wants them just write us here or to Its a good support so we can go on with this around the world trip!



Hola Pablo, Hola Anna!
Un gran saludo de un compatriota Argentino, en San Francisco.

I can't believe I missed you guys at the Expo. I remember finding your blog a while back and reading about your incredible story.

I'd love to get a copy of your book. You guys take Paypal?



Hola expeditionerd!!!
Mira por donde volvemos a cruzarnos...

Yes, we take paypal... The price for La vuelta al mundo en 10 años: El libro de la independencia is $20 and for Historias en Asia y Africa, $10. Shipping to US and Canada, $5. Our paypal account is

Just write us a private message in Expedition Portal or to and send us your shipping details...

Y quien sabe, quizás volvemos a pasar por San Francisco, la ruta tiene muchas curvas...

Thanks for your support!
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Scott Brady

We are greatly enjoying Pablo and Anna here at the offices. Great people and I love their attitude and passion for travel.



Paypal sent. Looking forward to reading both!

Yes, if you guys are around the Bay Area again, please do not hesitate to drop me a line.
Else maybe we get to meet somewhere on the road one day :)


We are greatly enjoying Pablo and Anna here at the offices. I love their attitude and passion for travel.
As someone asked the other day: After 11 years on the road, do you still enjoy travelling?
YES. No doubt. The road is a box of surprises (mainly good ones, but anyway surprises), a box of discoveries, our Aladino lamp of wishes and dreams. As we talked the other day, we realize that you don't go to see a mountain, you go to experience the mountain. You don't go to see a country, you want to experience the country...

So last night we went to Whiskey Row...
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Thanks for your support expedionerd! We'll send you the books tomorrow thru USPS...

See you on the next crossroads... maybe soon...

Ray Hyland

Expedition Leader
Hey Anna, how is the alternator repair holding?

I was thinking that because the plug on the alternator is so exposed to the road on your van, if you are only running the spade connectors instead of the original plug you may get road-salt and other grime up inside the plug area, which could cause some bad corrosion in there. Maybe you can make some sort of a "cork" to fit in there to keep the salt and grime out.

Just a thought.

Looks like you guys had some fun in the snow with Jeremy!


Hi Ray!!
we finished the work with the alternator just after you left Prescott, but as you say... it is very exposed... so it is a temporary thing until we'll find a new plug, we hope not too late...
We will try to cover it with something... cork, tape... whatever we will find in the car... or in the office!!

And yes, we had a great time with Jeremy driving the jeep on the snow!!

How was your way back home?

Regards from Prescott, on a sunny and beautiful day!!

Ray Hyland

Expedition Leader
Trip back was good. Much of the snow melted when I was away. It is less than 1 foot deep in my yard now.