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Got some new hardware, greasable 1/2" shackle lift as I was having a very slight rub fully loaded going over big bumps on the edge of fender, and wiring.

Sorry for resurrecting an old thread, but I don't suppose you have a Daystar Part # for your shackle lift? Thanks!


They are stabilizers i bought off amazon.
Look up valterra stabilizers 020106 they run about $45-$50 a set. Easy set up and has a ratchet strap that tightens things up. They are strong enough I can lift my trailer off the ground with them. Makes the trailer very stable.


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Another question on the axle...
I'm ready to order an axle for my M416 as well, I'm going the same route but will run FJ steelies.
What did you end up doing for measurements? Was it 39 spring center to center?
What did you end up doing on the hub face to hub face? I'm thinking about going 57", as the max difference between SC and Hub Face can be no more than 18", making 57" the max the hub face to hub face can be.


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spring Centers 39.250 and 57" for stock wheel back space offset. ck the back space on the FJ wheels. best price on e/brake axle is from SOUTHWEST trailer in Texas was $239.00 plus shipping. you get =Trailer Axle: 2 3/8" diameter x 3/16" nominal wall round tubing. Brake: 10" x 2 1/4" available in electric, self-adjusting electric, or hydraulic . Hub/Drum bolt circles are available in a 5-4.5", 5-4.75", 5-5", 5-5.5", or 6-5.5". just FYI=brian
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Hello.. excellent post. Very informative..
I am going through the same exact process with my FJ and the M416 Fiberglass class kit from Dinoot.
How satisfied are you with your axle choice and the clearance for your tires?
What size tires are you using?
Are the rims stock 17" 7.5"?
Again thanks for sharing...


I replied to your pm

But to answer the questions.
Axle choice and wheel tire combo are perfect right now.
Tires are 265/75/17
rims are 18 x 7.5

I do have a matching set of wheels that would match my current that I have on the FJ 16" Trd wheels and was thinking of going to a 285/70/16 tire to match as well but I would most likely have to give the trailer a bit more lift, might need wheel spacers and might have to modify the fenders to fit.

Only time will tell.

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2018 Tacoma DC 4X4, M416
I did a Dexter 55" 3500lb axle with 39" spring center with a part # of NS35655I-ST-EZ for $130
My Dexter axle just came in and like you, I want to match my Toyota wheel bolt pattern but, it came in with the incorrect stud size 1/2" diameter. Did you order your axle with different studs, did you change your studs (what did you use?) or did you use different lugs (what did you use)?
Thanks for your help, I have learned a lot from your build.
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I had the same issue but what I did was took my stock lugs to a machinist friend of mine and he drilled them and re threaded them to 1/2" . Fit my stock Tacoma wheels and no issues so far