ARKONIK Supports Expedition Portal

Expedition Portal would like to say thank you to ARKONIK for supporting our online Forum through their sponsorship of the Land Rover section.


The world’s Leading independent Defender specialists, Arkonik has been restoring and exporting the British icon since 2007.

Each Arkonik Defender is restored with dedication, precision and a sensitivity to the heritage of the marque. With originality at the heart of everything they do, the end result is authentic, 'better than new' iconic Defenders tailored to their clients' exact specification.


Their English built and hand assembled Defenders are to be found in the USA, Canada and across the globe, some within discreet and private collections, but many in everyday use.

ENGINE.jpg V8-02.jpg

Three routes to ownership are available. Choose ORIGINS for an elegantly original Defender, enjoy enhanced scarcity with their discerning EDITIONS range, or commission your own unique custom build with the companies rare and BESPOKE service.


All vehicles are designed, built, equipped and shipped to meet with regional regulations and local environmental needs. With more than 160 immaculately restored trucks imported into North America to date, they guarantee importation and will handle the whole process from procurement to restoration, design consultation right through to delivery to your own doorstep. You can learn more about ARKONIK here.