Arizona Strip - 64 gallons later


Resurrecting this thread. I've been researching this area for the past year or two and really loved this post. I read through the entire thing and definitely will be reaching out to you and Tommy with some questions. Do the rangers also know which roads are open and closed by their trail numbers?
I read this post when it first appeared, along with Another:
Have been to Parashant Arizona Strip for one adventure from Mesquite to Snap Point Overlook and back out. Had a great time. It did rain a little, got pretty slick for a short time (till it dried out).
A good Navigation app map can be found for Avenza app. Arizona Strip West Visitors map. Its one of a two map set. Displays well on 'Avenza'. Costs a few bucks but is the best for Parashant.

I would be interested in going again, this time with a base camp for my pickup/camper/gooseneck/jeephauler. Maybe near Fredonia or near the old Mount Trumbull school house somewhere out there.
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