Are older Land Rover Discoveries really that bad? How do they compare to contemporary Toyotas?


I’ve owned 3 D2’s over the years and can honestly say they are great vehicles. My D2’s haven’t ever given me any more issues then any other vehicles I’ve owned/own. Yea they like maintenance but they aren’t hard to work on. And when something does happen if you understand cars and can turn a wrench most of if not everything you can do yourself. All of them have been my daily drivers and not one of them has ever left me stuck somewhere, something I can’t honestly say about my well maintained (by shops and myself) more expensive and way more complicated other vehicles I’ve owned/own. I truly believe that D1/D2’s get a bad rap on forums and the guys that had a buddy that had one and it was a pile of crap ya know. The D1 is more robust and easier to wrench on then the D2 and they both drive like nothing else on the road. If you want it buy it, end up not liking it, sell it
I have to second that D1/D2s do get a bad rap and much of it is unwarranted. Yes they are quirky trucks can be annoying and *may* require more attention than our Nissan/Yota/Merc equivalent. I too have seen that so much the (I had a buddy with one and it was a POS ) yet when asked what went wrong and was it properly serviced its *crickets* plus some just jump on the bad wagon just to talk bad about anything that isn't what they drive or own or just drinking the coolaid. To be brutally honest a D1/DII is just as durable as anything out there when maintained now if majorly neglected yes they will make you wanna fire a RPG at them. I've considered it a few times in the 18 years ive been driving them (DI's) hahaha 😂 but then reality set in and I realize that there is truly nothing like Driving them quirks, annoyances and all.


I have and won't own a D2. Have had a few D1. Built them and beat them up. Great vehicles that are as or more capable than similar/aged straight axle vehicles and no more or less to maintain. They are a POJ compared to an LR4. Almost used rovers are going to require $5k minimum after purchase. Regardless of previous owner.

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