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Hello all,
I'm in the midst of packing for a couple day excursion and have recently been having issues with my fridge. It seems like the thermostat is way out of whack. When I turn it on, it will appear to be reading correctly and cycle on until it's reached the desired temperature, however after a random length of time (sometimes an hour, sometimes days) it will go haywire, and plunge everything down as cold as it will go with the compressor running non-stop until I shut it off. It's been doing this now for a couple of months. It does it both on 12 volt and 120. Has anyone else experienced this? Is ARB generally fairly responsive to helping customers with these kinds of issues?

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Yes. I had this happen to me a few months ago. Contact ARB. they have a handy improvised kit that comes with instructions to replace the thermostat. If you have the newer version, you can replace it by removing the vented grate to access the thermostat. If not, you cut a hole in bottom of your fridge. They sent me the whole kit for free, even though I was out of warranty. Yes, they are that good at customer service. The kit included a paper template for cutting the whole, and even included a metal cover and screws to cover it back up. The only thing you will need beyond the kit is that spray insulation foam you can buy in a can at Home Depot, and something to cut the whole with. Took about an hour to fix myself.

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I don't have an ARB but....I had the same trouble you are experiencing with my WAECO. I had removed the wire basket to get more room and jugs of liquid I had froze up. This caused the fridge to go out of whack....running constantly. I let ride for a while until it started to freeze everything. Eventually I put the wire basket back in and was well again.