Arb fridge fuse


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Nils has moved on from ARB unfortunately.
He installed my snorkel for me down at ARB headquarters, great guy.

Is it an internal fuse, or the one in the 12v plug?
The plug uses a special thermal fuse, but you can use a regular one as seen here in post # 10.

Also my old school ARB fridge has some blade fuses on the very back of it accessible without taking anything apart.


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Yes, pull the fuse out of the plug and check its continuity with a tester.
If it is good, then I would suspect the 12v cable.


Thanks everyone. Turns put the fuse in the DC plug blew, which I've now replaced. The remaining beer (those that I didn't drink) are safe!


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Yeah, glad you fixed it.
Reminds me I should get some spares.

Did you find a thermal one, or just used a regular one?
A certain store in CA. sells the Engels ones for $10 each, sounds like a ripoff.


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The thermal fuse is recommended in the Engel (first generation ARB units) to protect the fridge unit. They are a bit pricy compared to a standard glass fuse but they are only available via import from Engel proper thus the added cost. One might be able to source an aftermarket thermal fuse of matching size but for the few dollars I've honestly never looked for anything other. I keep a spare fuse in the pouch on my transit bags (both on my personal unit and my rental fridges), while a blown fuse is rare, warm milk sucks :D

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