ARB awning and deluxe room on OEM roof rack


ARB 2500x2500 awning with the new style deluxe room on the OEM roof rack. I had previously mounted this awning to our 100 series with a set of Yakima rails.

The Yakima 39h Mighty Mounts securely grip the OEM crossbars. I upgraded everything to stainless steel hardware. The ARB awning brackets are bomber. Well worth the money for the confidence over a hardware store L-bracket.

The awning room itself is a great piece of kit. Less than 10 minutes to full deployed. We will see how it handles the weather as others have commented on but I am very impressed. B3CFD099-C8DE-4B7C-8165-51A4F708FFA3.jpegF242248A-2D1E-425C-A881-6715F375BC53.jpeg