Anyone with a FlipPac in Southern California?


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I'm looking to make the jump from my roof top tent setup to something with a few more creature comforts and hopefully reduce camp setup/cleanup/breakdown time. With FRP no longer in business, GoFastCampers being a little more limiting on space, Adventure Trailers Habitat being above my budget, my options is limited to a used FlipPac. Browsing used ones, they aren't likely to be local, so..... Anyone in Southern California willing to let me take a peak and theirs? Willing to pay with beer :)



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I'm sure someone will chime in here...they're all over San Diego.

Check out

I like his work the most out of all the new light weight campers out there right now...GFC is def my runner up. He has a thread on here somewhere if you search it.


What about VAGABOND? I had the chance to look over the GFC and the VAGABOND at Overland Expo West. I like the vagabond a little more. If I were to replace my flippac that's what I would do.

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Yeah, I heard of some folks having issues with their FlipPacs beyond the torsion spring. I've seen all 3 options, I think I like the GFC the most. Considering just splurging. So....anyone locally have a GFC I can check out? :D