Anyone use one of the collapsible silicone tea kettles?


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Had one and worked well but did take some flame on a high btu burner. Went a different route but would consider a titanium or other kettle next time


I wouldn't use that s*#t.

How about a stainless/ Ti mug that u can just put over the stove? Jetboil?

Not having a vessel to boil water is pretty spartan.....


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The primary advantage of the collapsible kettle is obviously how space efficient it is. I don't know about you guys, but my "Cook Box" is always a challenge to repack because space is so tight. Also having a dedicated kettle for boiling water keeps the morning coffee from tasting like last night's shrimp risotto...


I can put my metal kettle on the fire or in the fire to heat water. Can't do that with a plastic kettle or pot. I made allowances for space when creating my kitchen so that would not be a reason to have a fold up kettle.. I bought a fold up vessel to replace my SS pan for water (SS pan, 99 cents at a thrift store) but took it back when I discovered it could not go on the heat and I would have to heat water in a separate container to use the fold up sink, so twice the items for one job. Made no sense.
I no longer back pack so weight is not an issue.


A pot.....and a pan. Cook with one, boil with other. Maybe a metal mug that serves to boil and drink out of.

Your quandary is one an ultra lite back packer would have....