Anyone use a Vestibule Wing accessory for Kodiak 10' Canvas Tents


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I was wondering if anyone uses one and any comments they could provide on it.

Looks like this:


Sells for about $80.00

Retail description reads:

The wing vestibule accessory will enhance your awning’s leisure area by providing additional shade, and protection from wind and rain.

Two side wings provide additional cover on the sides. It creates a nice space to store gear, put some chairs, or keep a pet. It also adds privacy if the front windows are open. Made with polyester, denier cloth.

Anyone have one or use one? Thoughts?

Colonal Angus

I've wondered about this as well. Why wouldn't they make it out of the same canvas that the tents are made of? For $80, it wouldn't hurt to try it.


I saw this exact setup on the weekend at our local camping show. A mum-and-pop,company have just started importing them in into AU. I was VERY impressed - I see what the big deal about these tents is now.

They had the vestibule set up on the big tent. It provided a huge amount of space to set up a kitchen, icebox, cooker, etc. The only problem I could see (other than the lack of headroom, but at 6"7 I'm probably the exception rather than the rule) was that the flat roof would collect water badly. You'd need to drop one end down to let it drain, and I don't know how that would affect the walls being tight.

When our trusty old canvas touring tent finally dies (in about 40 years time), I'm getting one of these.

Matto :)


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I have the Kodiak 10x10 and am considering this vestibule. It might be nice for a wind-protected place to cook. I would like to see it in person before buying it, though...


I'm wondering if this would work with my Springbar Campsite 3? I'll have to measure the width of my awning...