Anyone running the "Decked" pull out drawer system in their van?


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Not seen it before. The blurb indicates it won’t fit with insulated walls. From the pictures it appears to have a lot of wasted space.

To my taste, I’d rather custom build a setup out of 1/2” Baltic Birch with full extension slides. Possibly thinner and then fibreglass it for extra strength and waterproofing. Some of the euro hardware that’s available would help to further maximize useable space and minimize dead space.


Appreciate the replies. Thanks @Bikersmurf I agree with you there.
It did look like space could've been used better. I was more curious than serious about it. It seems as though they make more sense for truck beds than vans.


My vans do double duty. I'm a contractor who enjoys camping. I'm building my own bed slider this week using 3/4 birch plywood, metal channel strut and skateboard wheels. I'll post up some pics when I'm done.

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My in laws fit one into a Transit Connect. For the time it saved them from building a drawer system, they like it. They're also not cold weather campers so they're not worried about insulation.

Kind of funny they specify for a 138" wheelbase - that's what every econoline has, EB or RB.


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Could you elaborate? About to start my storage build and pics, links, etc would be a big help. Thanks.
There appears to be a lot of unusable space between/around the drawers.

Most North American hardware occupies 5/8-3/4” outside the drawer. Most European hardware is recessed into the side of the drawer to allow the drawer to be wider 1/2” on each side.