Anyone running Snomaster fridge in your JKU or JLU?


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Thanks. The National Luna seems very popular in Australia and South Africa, but have not seen any retailers here in the US. Are they establishing a presence here?


I'm trying to decide on which size to get. I may remove my back seats since I don't need them, and then install a plywood "plate" system (DIY because the price of a Goose Gear system gave me a minor stroke). I love the idea of either the Classic 60 or the 56D (dual zone) but when I mocked up the size I was a bit shocked at how much space they take up in the back of the Jeep:

I usually spend 2-4 days out, totally off-grid, and about 2x per year I'll do a 10-12 day trip to Baja. I like to cook and eat fresh food, so I tend to bring produce with me and plenty of beer. Its usually just me or me and one other person. I also hunt & fish out of the Jeep, so when successful, it will also do duty to keep game meats fresh for the trip home.

I'm wondering if this size is total overkill, but I also worry about "future-proofing" my decision (regretting not getting a bigger fridge If I decide to get a trailer..).

Any fridge size recommendations people have based on their experience would be welcome.

FWIW, I plan to add a secondary battery (probably a LiFe "generator" type in the 500wh to 1000 wh range) along with the fridge, and eventually 100w or so of solar panel(s).
I have the Snomaster LP66 (low profile).
It only fits horizontally.
I have been satisfied with it except currently i cannot remove my back seats so it takes up all of my cargo space.
However the Freedom Panels will still fit behind it.