Anyone running left and right awnings?


Just curious if any of you have this configuration. If so, why did you want it and how have you used it?

OCD Overland

We're having our trailer made that way. The main reason is that it's a decent sized trailer and when we camp in campgrounds we won't have to worry about trying to turn it around to work with the campsite.

For an SUV or smaller trailer, I'd get a bat wing awning probably before I'd buy two.


we don't have a left/right awning, but we do have is a 270 degree awning on our passenger side that deploys to rear and our RTT deploys over the driver side which provides a good amount of shade.

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I have a foxwing on my drivers side and a 2m awning on the passenger side. I picked up the 2m a year before I got the foxwing, rarely use it, mainly just to attach the bugroom for cooking.


Curious about this same question. Debating putting (2) Sunseeker Awnings (or ARB2000) on either side of our teardrop to have place to hunker down when buggy or rainy. REally like the Foxwing, but what about mosquitos?!