Anyone put a 270' awning on Chevy Tahoe?


I might be thinking about a 800 series Chevy Tahoe / GMC Yukon and was wondering if anyone has tried a 270' awning off the stock roof rack. GTG /no go? Beef up the cross members? Tricks or tips worth considering? Pictures?

It would be only on for trips and would be nice to have.



Probably better off mounting an actual basket or deck of some kind onto the factory rails and then mount an awning to that. Not a great deal of real estate on the factory rails and crossbars for mounting something like an awning to. There was a member here developing metal brackets that could bolt up to the factory roof rack holes on GMT 800s and then be used as a foundation for whatever you could make fit to them, but I have not seen any updates to the project in awhile.


Space Monkey
Do it, I wanna see, get the 270 awning and figure it out from there. I like fun projects like that, they tend to inspire others. Oh, yeah, like 02TahoeMD said, you don't want to mount it to straight up factory rails or crossbars.


I've got a square awning mounted to the Tahoe. It looks like this:

Here's a view of the redwood cross-bars it's mounted to. The cross bars and front tray are version 2 of my "custom" roof rack solution for doing a rocket box, canoe, and awning all at once.

Here's a view of version 1 of the cross-bars with LED lights below the bars while at camp

Hope that helps.