Anyone know about Port-Lite campers


For the ExP2 there should be at least a water tank upgrade. 30gals goes quick and would severely limit the usable time away. Given there is minor difference in weight between the One and Two there will be able payload for a bigger water tank. Unless the flat bed is a monster.


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Hi Everyone,

I have some thoughts I would like to share. First the Port Lite Campers looks very nice. I hope the business does well and grows.

With this thought this is also a start-up company. We have had different threads about people getting taken in Expedition Portal Forum by start up companies.
With a number of these in the last couple of years happening I thought that they were putting the blame in the wrong place. I started a thread about this of hearing the buyers blaming the builders for everything.
If you switch the word of "trailer" to "camper" this is still the same solid advice. This is a link to the thread.

Just remember that when your money leaves your hand you have lost your power to control where it goes.

I do not know any of the people at Port Light Campers. I really hope that they can turn this into a thriving business.

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