Anyone in Mozambique?

Cabo Delgado is very bad and likely to get worse. Tourists are being targeted by the terrorists. Not good for the future of the country As there are many foreigners who were brought in to help produce the big natural gas/oil deposits found there. The tourism sector has also been growing over the years in the north, which needs the heart currency input desperately. I and wife had lived in a remote area of the northern province Nampula for 3.5 years, Adopted two boys from there and their families are still there. We are very fearful of the future. I understand Maputo is little affected, But that has always been the case even during the Civil War.
Enjoy it, I miss the People and the country a lot. If it’s safe, try to visit the islands around Vilanculos, one of the most beautiful places in the world.
South Africa on the other side of the border there is very beautiful as well. Good bang for your buck. Once golfed on a Course where we had to I have two Caddies escort us while we golfed because there were lions seen on the course in the morning. Water holes Were all posted with crocodile warning signs