Anyone in Europe interested in a camper exchange with Colorado USA?


Expedition Leader
I posted this also in Fireside Chat but this may be a better place. Is anyone in Europe interested in swapping campers? We have a Northstar T1000 on a 99 Fuso FG and would like to travel Europe for about six weeks next spring (2015). Our daughter's in Lund, Sweden at the university so we definitely want to go to Sweden and Norway but we are up for starting anywhere and traveling anywhere in Europe. We've owned a motorhome in Europe in the past but for this shorter trip we'd like to arrange a swap if possible. We're in Denver, Colorado with good access to lots of interesting Western US destinations. We could provide a canoe or kayaks with our camper and if the person had the appropriate experience, we could also possibly provided a small trailerable sailboat with the camper.