Anyone heard of "WilderNest" roof top tents (NOT the pickup toppers)


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Hey Bluebruin!

I am about to buy one of these off of craigslist and you are the only person who seems to have owned one. I'm putting it on my wrangler unlimited as well, and your pictures are really what sold me (She used them in her ad.)
I wanted to follow up and see if your tent is still holding up, since it's been years since this post, and if you would recommend it or not! I'm 5'11 and I believe this one I'm buying is the smallest available. I'd appreciate anything you've got to say! Please let me know and thank you very much! Love the pictures!

- Drew

Wildernest RTT - on Jeep JK Unlimited

I bought one too and installed it on my JK. I got the large. The price is temporary, this is an introductory price to sell off their fist container load they imported. In 2015 I assume the price will go up when they start selling their next batch. Owners are super nice guys. I wish them the best in this endeavor.

215cm x 130cm x 30cm (closed)
215cm x 130cm x 100cm (open)

215cm x 145cm x 30cm (closed)
215cm x 145cm x 100cm (open)

I was told the large weighs about 130 lbs. It definitely takes 2 people to lift, even with 3 it felt fairly heavy. I am thinking it might weigh more than 130lbs.

I had my wife and two kids in there with me, felt totally stable on my Gobi rack.

Took it up to my cabin this weekend near fairplay. Did GREAT on highway. Just opened it to air it out, a lot of adhesive smell from being brand new. Quality seems nice.

Fits pretty good on an unlimited. I hung it off the back a bit, so I can still use the removable panels over the cab. Tailgate glass still can extent all the way open.

This is basically identical from what I can tell to an AutoHome Maggiolina or a Bigfoot Roof Top Tent.