Anyone heard of "WilderNest" roof top tents (NOT the pickup toppers)


Thank you for the pictures, bluebruin. My wife didn't like sleeping on the big ground tent I bought (which I bought just for her since it was big enough that she could be comfortable in a cot).

She felt too vulnerable to coywolfs or dogs or whatever was howling over the next ridge.


I found their CL ad online searching for a new RTT, I drove from NM to Boulder this past weekend to pick one up.
Nice people and great deal on the tent and looks like a good tent.
This will replace my Autohome Columbus RTT
Has many same features of a Autohome but less money.



can someone give me the interior length and width and diagonal measurements?

hoping for the large...




I like the little mini-awning over the entrance, this is something that I haven't seen on the other hard-shell tents.


I can change my custom title now!!
Very interesting...

Worst website in history. Ok maybe not but even a contact page should be better than that, first impressions and all. It looks a lot like the Autohome/CVT/Others out there, but I also dig those door awnings. I am looking for one to mount on my XJ, and this looks like a sweet unit.

Will be following this one.


The mattress measured 46x75, at the head & foot is about 3in each where the bars to raise the top fold away but when open leaves an open area where stuff can be stored at night, flashlights, glasses gun etc but will need to be moved before closing tent.
View from end of tent

Mounting track under tent

Zipper above door on 1 side of tent, possibly might fit the Autohome awning

Looking in from side door
Shoe pocket,clothes hook on 3 sides, ladder inside orange bag

Mounted on trailer

Ceiling is padded & insulated also looks the same under the mattress


I am 6' and my James Baroud is 78" inside and it's barely long enough. If i were literally an inch or two taller i would not fit comfortably


Its actually red. but it definitely looks on the orange end of the red spectrum. Looks more red in person, I think.


If they are importing, it looks just like a slightly custom order of one of these:

If enough people want a longer size, I'm sure that the Wildernest folks could order some that are longer, as long as they meet some minimum from the supplier.

EDIT: eh, the link doesn't work for me, I guess the website doesn't let you hyperlink to it. Anyway, I'll try to attach a screenshot...