Anyone heard of "WilderNest" roof top tents (NOT the pickup toppers)


I own one. But it's the old truck topper type, and they went out of business years ago. This is the first I've heard of this new Wildernest.

That's not much of a website. Nothing there but a photo. And it looks so much like a Maggiolina it could very well be a photoshopped picture of one.

The original WilderNest ceased production quite a few years ago, but there's still a website for them. Does this new company actually own the name, or have permission to use it? Have any ever been produced? Why is there no information on the website? Where are they being built? The photo raises some red flags about the legitimacy of this product. The WilderNest is a defunct product, and this photo appears to be a Maggiolina, with a different shaped front opening.

It's about like seeing a photo of a Corvette that is being passed off as the new Packard. I'm very skeptical, . . . but I could be wrong.
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I invited the company to this thread. And asked if they would answer your questions. Let's see what happens!!

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There's been an awful lot of silence from the Wildernest people. What are they afraid of? What are they hiding?

When I inquired via the email on the web page I got a very prompt response, so there's somebody there. But all they did was refer me to their Craigslist ad. There's something very flaky about those people.

To bnapier, I suggest you proceed very cautiously.


I'd like to hear Martyn & Mario's opinion....
Me too. There's always the possibility that someone is selling a quality product at an apparent bargain price. Maybe this is it?

There's no way I'll ever be able to afford a $3000 RTT. But half that might be in the cards.
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So.....I bought one. I could never justify the price of a hard-shelled RTT at around $3K but took the plunge at about half that. I emailed the owners several times before purchase and they were very honest and open about he product.

It looks just like a Maggiolina from the outside but uses a hand crank mechanism instead of gas-filled shocks. I bought the "medium" size that is essentially the same size as the "small" Maggiolina. They are selling the first 20 units or so for cheap to get the name out there. They are currently working on creating a website. CJ and Nico (co-owners) were very nice and report thay have been designing this tent for several years. This is a true small business that is literally in the garage of the owners in Boulder, Colorado.

I drove to Boulder and the owners helped me with install. Evidently, they got the trademark of Wildernest after the previous company went out of business. They showed me how to use tent and explained the features. They mentioned that they left their tents on their personal vehicles all last last winter with no problems.

I have to say that the owners were very quick to point out that they stand behind their product 100% and will personally help with any issues.

The tent appears to be very high quality. It easily mounted on my Thule bars. The tent came with the tent, ladder, crank, wrench for installation, and LED interior light. Weight was reported by the owners to be about 120lbs. 2 people easily lifted it off the ground to place on my lifted 4runner.

The roof is insulated. The 4 inch mattress is very comfortable. Goes up and down in less than a minute. Quiet at highway speeds. Interior includes storage pockets, multiple hooks. I am able to easily sit up in it. My 3 year old can stand up in it. My only complaint is that it would be very easy to pinch your fingers when collapsing the ladder.

I will be sleeping in it this week in the Colorado High country. I will update you all when I return.


Hmmm... This might be a valid option for me, but I would have to pay to ship it, as there is no way I am going to be anywhere near there soon. Cost wise, it compares to the soft tents I was looking at, but I do like the idea of the hard shell. Any chance you could post more pictures of it on your truck. How does the fiberglass look? Any concerns at this point?


Wildernest RTT - on Jeep JK Unlimited

I bought one too and installed it on my JK. I got the large. The price is temporary, this is an introductory price to sell off their fist container load they imported. In 2015 I assume the price will go up when they start selling their next batch. Owners are super nice guys. I wish them the best in this endeavor.

215cm x 130cm x 30cm (closed)
215cm x 130cm x 100cm (open)

215cm x 145cm x 30cm (closed)
215cm x 145cm x 100cm (open)

I was told the large weighs about 130 lbs. It definitely takes 2 people to lift, even with 3 it felt fairly heavy. I am thinking it might weigh more than 130lbs.

I had my wife and two kids in there with me, felt totally stable on my Gobi rack.

Took it up to my cabin this weekend near fairplay. Did GREAT on highway. Just opened it to air it out, a lot of adhesive smell from being brand new. Quality seems nice.

Fits pretty good on an unlimited. I hung it off the back a bit, so I can still use the removable panels over the cab. Tailgate glass still can extent all the way open.

This is basically identical from what I can tell to an AutoHome Maggiolina or a Bigfoot Roof Top Tent.


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I emailed them yesterday, to date, no response... Anyone happen to have a phone number for these guys? (you can PM me if you want... )