anyone have ram mounts? Mine won't tighten...

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I have a ram mount x mount for my tablet on a small arm. It won't tighten. Even after cranking on the mount bracket, the tablet mount still rotates over bumps. Any ideas? is there something in the X mount that needs tightening?


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The mechanism is fairly straightforward - the ball goes into the socket and the socket gets tighter when screwed down. Is there a chance the ball is not the correct size?

Not only are RAM mount components sized for a particular ball diameter, the ball diameters correlate to a weight rating. If you've got 3 lbs hanging off the end of an A- or B-sized ball, for example, it will probably slip. (Don't forget to factor in the weight of any arms, etc. you've got hanging off the problem ball.)


Ram mounting balls come in 4 sizes. To hold something with as much leverage as a tablet you'll need at least a 1-1/2" ball or larger. If you are using the 1" ball mount, the smallest size, that is adequate only for a small GPS unit or phone.


I have used Ram mounts extensively over the past 12 or 13 years. Never have they slipped or rotated on their knuckles once tightened.

Either you have the wrong diameter ball and socket combo on your mount, or they're greased/dirty enough to reduce friction drastically.

Bear in mind, X Grips have a slight rotation on their axis, about 5 degrees maybe, but it shouldn't move around on its own, at least my cell phone doesn't. Not on the truck nor on the bike.