Anyone have Experience with Aussie Swags and Swag Brands Available in the US?


I used a simpler swag as a kid in oz. They are great when the weather is great, not so much fun if it is rainy, buggy or muddy. They would be a decent option for the american SW, particularly in combination with an awning or tarp.
What are the dimensions of your Outback Swag tents when rolled up? You wouldn't happen to have a photo with one rolled up would you?


PS - PM sent re your upcoming sale
Hi Robert,

I'm actually the owner of Outback Swags, I discovered this post after seeing some website traffic being refereed.

The dimensions that Supra Turd mentioned are correct. He's been a great customer who has been spreading the word about our product. Here's a photo for you of it rolled up.

If you or anyone in this forum has any questions about our product I'd be more than happy to help, please email me at info@outbackswags.com

I am an Australian who started this business when I wanted a swag in the USA but could not find a good quality one over here. Our product is designed to be heavy duty and made from top quality materials just like the ones in Australia. We spent a lot of time testing, changing and adjusting things on the swag to create a great quality product. We are just a small outfit so connecting with our customers and word of mouth is very important to us!

For those who are thinking about purchasing or looking for more details, we have just had a great video review done on our Pioneer Swag by The Outdoor Gear Review on YouTube:
*Please note that our regular price is actually $299, and it rolls up a lot better than he has shown in the video

Thank you!