Anyone have a Ram 2500 with Rhino Rack Pioneer or Yakima Lock n Load on the Cab?


I have a 2006 ram 2500 mega with a Fourwheel camper on a flatbed, I have 10 inches over the cab to the bottom of the camper and I am wondering if I can use a Pioneer or Lock n Load. The camper is about 32 inches back from the front, so approximately half of the rack will be under the cab. I think the rack would sit about 5 inches off of the roof, leaving about 5 inches to spare. would love to toss the highlift and ramps up there. Interested to see what people think , and if someone can tell me the height of the rack.



Care to share a pic of your truck with camper? I’m beginning the process of a 06’ 2500 build with flatbed. Curious which bed you went with.


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It is my understanding that the Yakima LocknLoad is not available until later this month in the US. Based on the available pre-released videos on YouTube, the LocknLoad is a platform system and it is modular, very similar to the Rhino Rack. For your application you will have to consider the cross bars which will start eating away those 10 inches of space you mentioned above. I am not an expert, so I will suggest speaking to an expert like Rack outfitters or someone you feel comfortable with for some ideas. Good Luck.