Anybody using a split A/C system ?


Looking into a A/C system and don't want it on the roof. I have been looking a the split A/C systems. Anybody using one? Pointers ? It will be driven of my generator 120 volt AC or shore power .Also trying to keep the high weight down low on my truck. She is already to top heavy to start with. LOL.

One of the things I have learned is the split systems can be a heat-pump's. But only good down to 40+- degrees. After that something will need to pickup the slack.Maybe a Marine diesel fireplace heater or LP ?
We have a RolliCool made by the RolliBot vacuum cleaner company. Small 10k btu cool only, mini split system. Except the wiring and coolant lines between the condenser and evaporator, are connected to each other. We built a small table to hold the outdoor unit on the side of the camper, and put the indoor unit through a window and set it on the counter or table. It comes with plastic window spacers for the install. So far, works very well for us.

110v, cord is attached to indoor unit, runs at 7-11 amps. Paid 479 dollars for it, prices vary depending on where you find it.
I use a split system.

There is a thread running about it on the merc4des section of this forum

It works brilliantly

Got a link? Looked thru your activity threads in your profile and did not see any split ac threads you had commented in beside this one. there was one on add ac to am OM3152 unimog but that different animal than split ac.