Anybody place electric break controller on their jeep


I'm in the process of building my trailer and am going with electric breaks. Has anybody come up with a better way to tie it in to our rigs? I saw trailer and the reviews are not well received since it's spliced together and not a whole kit. I'm using the Tekonsha p2 controller btw.



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lynrb - wow, that was useful. NOT

OP-Not sure which type of Jeep vehicle you are looking to do, but the easiest and the choice I made for my WKII was to buy on Amazon (or retailer of your choice, etrailer maybe) the plug that direct connects behind the dash right to the brake controller. I think most vehicles have this option, worked with my Tekonsha prodigy controller. Maybe not the cheapest, but the easiest.
Electric Brake Controller

lynrb Dude you have way too much time on your hands. Or perhaps you are an english teacher. The auto spellcheck often does strange things as you type.
Now to the OP I have one and it is mounted on the plastic cover just below the right side of the steering wheel.

Comanche Scott

Expedition Leader
Mopar Parts has the 7 pin wire harness, that will run all the way to the brake controller. The 7 pin mopar harness for the JK/U is a quality piece (wish the B+ and B- leads were thicker gauge with fine strand, but it's definitely usable).
If you have a JK, to my knowledge, there is not a kit that integrates the controller to the brake circuit in the Jeep. But it has been a year since I've looked, and may be worth checking again.
The good news is all the connectors are available, and you could make a conversion harness, if one is not already available for the JK.


Sorry I was doing this on my phone at the time of the post and yes it auto corrected it. Apologize for the error. Mines an 14 jku and I bought the wiring harness from quadratec that directly corrects to the rear brake lights to the hitch. I didn't find anything that went from the controller back.

Comanche Scott

Expedition Leader
I did mine with out a kit. I already had a 4 pin back by the hitch but I changed that out to a 7 pin and ran the wires for the controller. The hardest part was probably connecting the wire to the brake switch. I had to remove the panel under the steering column and the metal plate behind that. I already had a constant 12v in the cab from my battery for my other accessories. I mounted mine down near the shifter since I wanted to be able to actuate the emergency break and wanted in close proximity to where my hands would already be. It actually isn't in the way where it sits. It does make the little pocket difficult to use but I do pull it out when its not in use.