Any Unicat Owners Out There?


We recently purchased Unicat TC54 (mounted on an International MXT).

While we received a DVD with technical data and individual equipment manuals there is really nothing that tells us how the various systems work together and integrate with each other. I'm sure that most of the systems are fairly similar from one Unicat build to the next. Looking for someone that I can send emails/photos to in order to understand the various systems so that we don't break anything...

Thomas Ritter at Unicat has been very helpful, however don't want to wear out our welcome.



aYes, Avi is another person we are trying not to "pester" (and I feel like we've already worn out our welcome in that regard). Unfortunately we purchased the vehicle through an absentee owner, and the deal for this Unicat was brokered through a 3rd party. Great guy who bent over backwards for us, however he will readily admit that he wasn't all that familiar with the various systems. I'm poring through all of the system diagrams and the vehicle itself trying to equate the technical drawings to actual components, knobs, connections, etc. An hour going through the vehicle with someone who understands everything would be great... a trip to Unicat in Germany would be fun :)
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Congrats on the purchase. If it is the one that was on this site it looked wonderful. I recently purchased a fuso camper from a 3rd party. I too had to go back to the previous owner with a million questions. Actually drove out to see him and we went over it. Possibly that is an option for you?

Again, congrats and GL! ken

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One important thing this time of year: if you are not going to provide heated indoor storage, you need to winterize the domestic water system. Obviously run the tanks dry. Dump at least 3 gal "RV antifreeze" (propylene glycol based) into each water tank and then run dry again, if you feel paranoid.
In the mechanical area (mine is under a board under the table) there is an air fitting that connects to whe water system. Get a pressure adjustable air fitting and set it for 12-14psi. Connect air thru it to the female fitting and flush out the water system with 12 psi air. Also drain the water heat exchange unit, mine has a red valve.
Then you should be good for the winter. If you use enough propylene glycol you might not need to do the air thing but I like to be sure. Or else drive to southerly latitudes.



Thank you Charlie. I haven't removed the table/floor yet to see what is underneath ours. We are looking into "affordable" heated indoor storage, but may just have to winterize it as you suggest. Probably only 2-3 weeks before our first <32 degree weather. I may PM you with a few questions/pictures if you don't mind. RR