any paras here?

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Are there any exploring paraplegics here? (I'd imagine many quadriplegic issues with exploring are similar)

I'm trying to get back into travel/exploration so it would be nice to share our struggles and conquests, that's all.


T-4 Para since July 2015. I was active on here many years ago when I had an XJ, and then I got very heavy into dual sport motorcycles. Had a freak accident on a dirt road while borrowing a buddies Vstrom1000, and ended up with a broken spine, broken wrist and broken rib and in the hospital for a while. Went back to work in November 2015. Same month I went back to work, a great friend of mine finished converting a VW sand rail to hand controls (motorcycle twist throttle and brake on top of the shifter, push button for the clutch. Hydraulic brake and clutch are linked, if the brakes are hit, the clutch engages, and then slowly bleeds out.... works GREAT).

Same great friend just finished rigging up a Ural Patrol with jockey shift/clutch and both brakes on the handlebars. Taken it on one short ride, and going out early next month in it and doing some camping.

Currently back on the board looking around at trucks, after a number of questionable vehicles (I currently am driving a SmythUte converted Jetta and have an LS1/700R4 swapped El Camino with a broken trans due to taking out the pan on a speed bump), I am looking at AT Conversion Silverados. It'd be nice to have something that I can drive from my wheelchair that is not a mini-van.


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T3 paraplegic injured 1984 on a Kawasaki AR50. Ive owned many 4x4s, XJs mostly. I've got a couple of fast toys and used my Jeeps to pull trailers. This is my first Van. Found it last March and have been slowly converting it. I've gutted the interior and have cleaned out the area under the floor (where the old UVL wheelchair lift resided). Anybody have any good ideas on what to line it with? Thinking Line-X bed liner, or ABS plastic or vinyl sheeting...image.jpegimage.jpeg


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yes, I am T8 Para as well.
I am from Germany and currently traveling since April from europe to central asia.
I am using an old Mercedes LA1113A former Firetruck from the 60's that i converted myself over a long time to the travel rig it is now.
The truck had only minor issues until 3 weeks ago, where the transfer case broke... close to Baikonur in the middle of the Kasachian steppe.
Healthwise I am unfortunately currently struggeling with a tiny bad skin spots on my bud.
I hope to get this under control until the truck runns again, and we can escape the Kasachian winter...


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