Any Interesting events in France/Germany/Belgium on these dates?


Myself and my son will be doing a road trip this summer and have a few days in the schedule to play with. We will be driving from Normandy to Munich on the 22nd to 24th of July.

We don't have a route defined but I'm figuring somewhere between the north and south extremities of this loop. (apologies to Luxembourg for not including in the thread title)

Does anyone know of any off road, overland or really vehicle based shows or events that might be on that weekend that we could work into our route?

Right now the best we've found is the Zolder Historic Grand Prix which is possible but would love something a bit different to circuit racing if we could find it.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


From Frankfurt you should change that route to dip down to Heidelberg, it was about an hour and fifteen minutes (but then it is an autobahn, LOL).

Not much in Würzburg, the old church is nice, but Heidelberg is the tourist bomb, castle, the old town and it's a college town, that should tell you there is plenty of HB beer.
This was also 7th Army Europe HQ where I was stationed back in the day.

If you are military, active/retired or any disability under VA, use your entitlements on this trip, tons of services are available.

From there you need to go to Hockenheim, I lived there. Check out the arial picture of the racetrack, behind is the outline of the town and just to the left of the main entrance to the track you might notice a high-rise building on the edge of town, my apartment was on the top floor looking toward the racetrack.

I was lucky to have raced at Hockenheim in 73,74, with a German/American Team, my buddy was the son-in-law of the raceway manager, I also worked there on occassions- :cool:

Event Calendar - Hockenheimring, don't worry, it's in English.

Back to Heidelberg head to Nurenberg and continue your trip as you have planned.
Try now to get accommodations in Innsbruck, this is the Alps and it should be busy. You must see Neuschwanstein Castle, this is the real castle Walt Desney copied for Desney Land just for Tinkerbell. Also there is the Eagle's Nest, overlooking a large lake, this was Hitler's retreat. This is a full two day area.

And at least jog over to Paris, just have lunch at the Tower Cafe'.

German authorities are very strict about driving off in the woods, best to ask in an area if they have trails available, you can have serious issues if you just take off without consent.

Have a great time!
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Hockenheim, can't believe I'd forgotten to check there.

I only ever raced there on a computer, very cool to have actually done it.

The route above is only a map to show how far north or south I'm willing to go getting to Munich as opposed to any particular plan. We're going to do something more like this as the actual road trip:

Myself and 11yo son will drive the whole lot, the ladies will fly out to Munich to meet us, few days in Munich, few days somewhere in the alps, a week at lake Constance, a day or two somewhere in the middle of France and a few days on the west coast of France.

The boys will spend a few days in Normandy visiting my sister who lives between there and Paris and then we have a few days to get to Munich. We've been to Paris a few times before, gonna be doing enough driving on this trip without facing into Paris traffic too. (although we might drive them back to Paris on the way)

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