Any Intel on the new BFGATKO2 DT heavy duty?


So my sprinter needs new shoes and my local tire shop let me know that BFG has just (like last week) released a heavy duty version of popular sizes of the BFG ATKO2 geared towards the heavy 3/4 and 1 ton truck market.

Since my sprinter will most likely wind up heavy, so I have these under consideration.

Apparently they look the same but a different compound and some other witchcraft to make them last longer and stick better under heavy loads.
I saw the brochure and it looked like the standard ones as far as I could tell.

I do believe he referred to them as the DT version. I could be wrong about the name, as I googled and came up with nothing.

Any intel on these?
I’ve had good luck on road and off-road with the KO2; and I felt they were better than duratracs in the snow.
I just wish they’d offer the BFG AT in 255/85r16........cause that’s the size I want but I don’t like any of the available AT tires on the market in that size.


So like a load range E on steroids or something?
That’s the basic concept.....I think?
I do believe the tire guy learned about the new tire at a BFG training seminar or whatever tire people do?
Tire guy seemed to focus on the rubber compound being more robust.
He said they just released them for orders.
I’m sure the regular load range E would be fine, but might as well see what the deal is with these.
Maybe it’s just for diesel dudes rollin’ coal and shreddin’ their tires needing more life?

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I searched the web for any more infomation on the "DT" version and could not. Costco can sell them to me in 285/70 R17 so they are out. So I went on BFG web page and chatted with Carrina and it went like this.

You :
Where can i find information on the new tire and sizes for All Terrain T/A KO2 DT. The "DT" is for heavier trucks? I 'm near the gross vehicle weight and needing tires.

Catrina :
Hello, thank you for your interest in BFGoodrich tires! I will be happy to assist you with that information.

DT stands for different tread.
The new KO2 DT has a new sturdier tread compound that will allow for a longer tread life. They no longer have the 3 Peak Mtn. Snowflake for severe weather conditions.
Would you like to leave your name, phone number and email to have on file with BFGoodrich if you have any future questions or concerns?

You :
No longer have the 3 peak, that's too bad. selling point on the ones I have for the mountain roads. I can not find any info on your web page for these tires. Please provide a link for more info so I can see if I want to buy them.

Catrina :
They are the same as the KO2, the only differences are what I provided.

The DT are not listed for sale on our website just yet.

You :
Ok, but still there is NO mention of "DT" anywhere I searched on your web page other than asking you. But Cosco and Discount tire see them but have no information to give me.

Catrina :
I apologize, our website takes time to update. The DT was just released this month and the website has not caught up.

Here is the information provided to us: · The BFG Team has redesigned the 6 sizes of the KO2 with the most wear Issues that go on HD (Heavy Duty) Trucks, and is adding a 50k mileage warranty because of a new sturdier tread compound. Unfortunately, these sizes won’t have the 3 Peak Mtn. Snowflake.
· These more robust sizes will be called the KO2 DT and 2 sizes will be out in July, and the other 4 sizes will release in August. They will have new MSPNs.

You :
Ok thanks. I can wait a few months to buy tires. Hopefully by then you have got your ducks in a row and customers can make a clear choice in tire purchase. Thanks for the information you provided

Catrina :
You are welcome. Thank you for contacting BFGoodrich Chat Services. Have a great day!


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The KO2's sidewalls are too soft for heavy trucks.
The diesels chew them up.
Hopefully,BFG releases the new stronger and more cut resistant model.
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My contact with BFG was hilarious.

Please advise the differences between the ATK02 and the new DT ATKO2. My tire dealer mentioned the new DT but I cannot find any substantial information on the differences.
Thanks, Dave


Thank you for your interest in the BFGoodrich - All-Terrain T/A KO2 tire.

AT is All-Terrain
DT is Different Tread. This tire tread is different from the Original KO2 Tread design

That’s it. The entire response. No explaination of what the differences are. I called them and after an extraordinary amount of BS (name, email, vehicle, zip code, etc) the guy answered my questions. They lost me at “no more snowflake” but still.....seems crazy that it takes so much effort to figure out what they are trying to sell. Maybe I’ll give those Coopers another look?


I was wondering the same thing too, as tirerack lists them and denotes that they won't have the snowflake symbol. Makes sense now.


Maybe it's a lesser tire in terms of performance, to get people running hot blacktop (in heavy trucks) to get more miles and stop complaining, but they don't know how to say that? Idk, just thinking out loud.

Edit: Also, not saying complaints of poor tread life are invalid. These tires are $$$ so it's reasonable to expect some longevity.


They lost me at “no more snowflake” but still.....seems crazy that it takes so much effort to figure out what they are trying to sell. Maybe I’ll give those Coopers another look?
No snowflake = no deal for me in the PNW. I run the current edition of the BFG AT's on my Tacoma and I love them for that application. I'm gonna need new shoes on my new Dodge 250 in about a year and I've been heavily looking at the Cooper's based on others reports that I've read on here.

Still doing research, but currently eying the Discoverer AT3 XLT, Discoverer ATP, and the Discoverer S/T Maxx.


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You are 100% correct, there are so many better tire options out there I don’t know why people run them.
Mountain snowflake basically. Better ATs (in my experience) don't have that. And it's a big deal where I live.
Plus aggressive looks, without the MT sound, so all the brodozers run those and Duratracs for the most part.
My nearest Toyo dealer is too expensive and doesn't really seem to care if I buy tires from them or not
Considered 255/80R17 AT2 and was told "not available sorry"
Not, none available right now, or hey we can look into it further and find out more. Just can't buy those tires.

When running 235/80R17 load E KO2s I started to get tread chunking on 90% "street" use on my F150 while running at max payload and towing a light trailer (2500#)
So I can see why guys with diesel trucks would be going through them.


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I decided on the "DT" K02 #42353 LT265 75R16 for my 98 K1500 Z71 . I did have Michelin LTX M/S but the sidewalls cracked so bad I was scared to drive it again . So after reading about the Goodrich k02 with the harder compound I jumped at them . The local Sam's club had a Black Friday sale @148.75 each buying a set of 4. The "DT" has the different compound than the snowflake 67179. Plus it carries the 50,000 mile warranty /6 yrs also but no snowflake. Here are some images the tread is exactly the same on both tires it is the rubber compound that is harder for bigger loads and longer life . The tires have the "DT" & also have "M+S" on the sidewall.IMG_9359.JPGIMG_9341.JPGIMG_9352.JPGIMG_9356.JPGIMG_9357.JPGIMG_9358.JPGIMG_9359.JPGIMG_9341.JPGIMG_9356.JPGIMG_9358.JPGIMG_9357.JPGIMG_9359.JPGIMG_9341.JPGIMG_9352.JPGIMG_9356.JPGIMG_9357.JPGIMG_9358.JPGIMG_9359.JPG
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they won't be selling many of those up here in b.c. no snowflake means fines after oct.1 .the ko2 is a very popular tire around here.