Any hiking near N TX???

I'll be spending some time in North Dallas for a while (work related). I know this area is super-flat, so I'm not expecting anything like where I'm at in the West. But, are there any areas to hike / backpack / back-country-camp in a 3-4 hour drive from Dallas? Anyone have any experience with the Ouachita Mountains in SW OK (and into AR)?



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south eastern Oklahoma has some nice forest(the Kiameche Forest)

Broken Bow, Ok and north of there...

Beaver's Bend SP has a visitor's Center(or at east it used to) where you can get charts and learn about the area

take US 259A east from US 259 just north of Broken Bow

lotsa logging/fire roads that require 4wd or 2-wheels w/ knobbly tyres

not personally sure/knowledgeable about back country camping permits

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Palo Duro Canyon (and the surrounding area) looks awesome! And, the Broken Bow area looks very nice and someplace I'll also check out. Thanks all!


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Broken Bow and Beaver Bend are stunningly beautiful year round. Definitely a lot of hiking in the area.

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Doing some more Google searches, it looks like the Wichita Mountains (and surrounding areas) look promising, too...looking forward to exploring some new places!

I just looked at the online menu for Meers...YUM! Definitely on my list...thanks for sharing!