Any Hiace 4x4 Van owners out there?


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Search on Google for Hiace Hobo blog turbo kit, that is also on a 3L Engine.
I don't see an easy link, but I remember he used an Australian Ebay turbo kit. It is without modification to fuel pump, which makes it safer and still great progress in driving.

You can build it yourself using Toyota parts. I once bought an exhaust manifold with turbo from another 2L-T engine. Then just cover the pressure line to the fuel pump. Do some oil rerouting.
But the turbo and wastegate are completely worn and I haven't checked if I can fit the two right bolts of the manifold onto the engine head.
It involves more research but should come.out cheaper. However, you probably don't have 2L-T cars in your area so all need to be bought online, and spending time on that.
So a new turbo kit is not a bad idea.


Beautiful conversion! Do you have more pictures of the build?

Like that, though in the dark, your Hiace is pictured between 2 L300 Delica's.

If you have the 3 L 5L I would suggest finding someone in Thailand, Malaysia, or Japan that provides bolt on performance kits for the 3L. If you have the 1KZ, this is still possible, thou I remember some caution need though this is a more economical engine. I lived in Asia for 8 years, Hiace van drivers would often tweak their engines to drive faster than others in those 1st 2 countries, and still drive there Hiace's like maniacs for over 10 years over steep mountains with the dirty diesel available (what I experienced in Thailand). I had a 3L, non turbo, in a Nissan pickup in Thailand, and drove the same truck with a turbo/intercooler kit and it had power comparable to an American pickup.

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