Any Hiace 4x4 Van owners out there?


Hi Rovercchef (and anyone else out there with direct importing experience)! Hitting you up on importing guidance for a Hiace from Japan. Would prefer shipping to Long Beach, CA. then drive to New Mexico.

Recommendations welcome on who to work with (broker/ dealer/ importer).
Besides concerns about the $ transaction, how do you assure getting a mechanically very good vehicle? I'd consider paying more for that a worthwhile investment. Seems like it might be better to have some repairs/replacements done prior to shipping...(timing belt, CV boots, alternator, starter, other "hard to find" parts) ?
PM me and I'll get info


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I love them. I live off and on in Latin America and Toyota diesels are kings. I actually just bought two (!!) from japan; they’ll be arriving to LA in a couple of weeks, and I’ll keep one and sell the other. One is a full on camper (loft, kitchen, solar panels, she’s so beautiful) and one is standard but if I keep it and sell the other I’ll convert it for sure. Hopefully I’ll be importing more to sell; I also love the delicas but they’re too small for my comfort (I live most the year in a camper van).
I'm trying to figure out how best to import a hiace or delica myself. Who'd you buy through ?


I'm trying to figure out how best to import a hiace or delica myself. Who'd you buy through ?

Why? I 1st imported a vehicle from Japan in 1990. Imported a 89 Mitsubishi Delica into Canada in 99, when vehicles were still to be 15 years old. Before computers took over this was possible. Have imported a vehicle, or 2, every year since for fun. During covid was selling my second Nissan Figaro, and the best offers were coming from south of the border. Well in the past a vehicle fully inspected and insured in BC Canada was far easier, and quicker, to import into America than one temp permitted and freshly landed. I do know the process after years doing so. And never as a business, but a hobby of owning interesting vehicles. But do to covid all importing hit a road block!

In the last few years I have imported a couple of camper vans, including 2 Dodge Pleasureway camper cans - crazyly its a 3rd the price to buy one that's been shipped to Japan only to ship it back to North America.

And in my experience, baring rust, Hiace jdm vans are fantastic 4x4 campers

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Found a guy in Taos, NM who imports several toyota/mitsubishi vans a year and has a few on hand to see/drive/buy. Put a deposit down on a 96 hiace that's arriving mid-May or so. Can't wait.


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It is a shame that they are a bit hard to find in good condition in Europe, because we got them sold here in the market which means: Left hand drive.
But the Japanese models have all the gadgets. However not always low range gearing etc. While the European models up to 96, if 4x4 then alwsys eith low range etc.

Of which I have one.


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I think the automatic transmission w fulltime 4wd (w/o low range) will be satisfactory for my use. I did consider holding out for one w low range but that was not a deal breaker for me.
It should be in the U.S. in a couple of weeks now. I'll send pics !