Any Ford Superduty with OEV Aluma Tray owners out there?


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To throw another wrench into this conundrum. Overland explorer is coming out with an HD tray which will apparently allow for full utilization of trucks payload (actual numbers TBD), no 3k lb limit.
That's awesome. I'm glad manufacturers are moving into this space. Unfortunately for me for now, 60" cab-axle won't work. Seems like most people like the long cab, short bed combo but hopefully there will be options for everyone eventually.

After a lot more calling and emailing every every manufacturer mentioned in this thread plus one or two others, I decided there really isn't anything on the market that's close enough to what I want, so I'm going to give my money to Bowen Customs and see what he can do. Specific details are still scarce and most of it is going to be mix-and-match features out of products he's already selling (i.e. probably nothing completely custom and unique) but I think the design I'll end up with involves a full-length flatbed with Bowen Customs' standard-style under-deck toolboxes, tie-down tracks in the deck, long drawer slide in the back, and a removable cab-height storage box at the forward end of the bed (similar to what Taylosha posted, only mine will be fully above deck-height). I'm going to go with drop sides and a drop tailgate to enclose the area under the slide-in camper's "wings", but I won't get the enclosed boxes like Aluma Tray and others sell. This approach will mostly be to improve the functionality of the open truck bed when the camper's off, and definitely also to help keep costs a little more reasonable. We're going to retain as many of the original sensors as possible, although I'm not sure exactly what that will look like yet. Rough estimate is this will be coming together in ~5 months. It probably goes without saying that I'm extremely excited to see this start to come together!


Im thrilled to see ANYONE exploring the idea of manufacturing legit beds.
More than a few reasons I built ours the way I did.

Though I would suggest those that are looking into a cross-body box or front of bed storage setup to not limit yourself to bed length.
With a bit more work you can keep your bed length as well as provide room for that storage you want.

I stretched the frame on ours a full 24" behind the rear leaf hangers to allow for the 24" cross-body box all the while to maintain a full 8' of useable flatbed.
Makes for a longer truck, but does not effect turning radius. Assuming you sort your weight distribution right, the truck hardly notices.
Only real downside is departure angle. But seriously... this is a full time RV that can get places most cannot, NOT a wheeler. ;)

Anyhow, for reference.... ours is essentially a 10' bed with an additional 24" of overhang.


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