Any first-hand experience with Triple Aught Design (TAD)?


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Very boutique Gucci gear. They don’t sell anything you can’t get elsewhere for cheaper. 5.11, propper, Hell even condor knocks them off pretty well. If somebody else is buying then maybe. If it’s my money then nah. Parking at the store is also a joke.

My opinion alone.

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They are mall/Starbucks wear. Very expensive and seem impractical.
I don't think Condor or others knock them off rather than the opposite.

I have spent a lot of time in the Middle East and South Asia and never had seen anyone, who were working, wear this stuff nor the other "tactical " clothing line like the "tactical" Kitanica line at all.
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Zippers were the weak link in the Stealth Hoodie I had for a few years as well. Mine never failed but you had to be careful zipping it up. TAD is/was a favorite of the website founder for a few years. I'm not sure if he still wears their stuff or not.

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I personally thought the fit was great and the force 10 had well thought out pockets.

I wore a couple pairs of their pants and a couple of shorts over the years. Backpacking for months at a time and also jus as primary shorts off the clock. Probably started buying them back in 2015.

The durability never kept up with the design. And the customer service was pretty fuckin ************ when it came to honoring blowouts and what not. And yeah, go to the Dogpatch store and it makes more sense for sure...

And the price has close to doubled in the last few years.
At the price the pants are these days, I quit buying em a couple years ago. Way too much money, and exponentially more so when you factor in treatment when their gear fails...

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