Any experience with the "Duck clutch" (i.e. hydraulic hand clutch)?


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Okay, this is a long-shot, not least because this subforum is probably not well-read.

Anyway, I had my left foot amputated last year, and although it is semi-doable to actually drive with a normal clutch, it is not legal for me to do so. So, since I don't want an automatic vehicle, and I have considered pull-hand clutches, I think I would like to get something that is easier to use while shifting gears and steering at the same time.

So, I came across the "Duck" clutch:


It is for a vehicle that makes use of five speed Mazda MX gear box coupled to a S&S V-twin

I considered using a motorcycle hand clutch lever, which would be great too, but it seems that a motorcycle clutch doesn't push enough fluid. What do you guys think? It's really expensive compared to a hand clutch, and I won't be buying the vehicle before I am confident I can find a solution which would work pretty well.

Anyone have any experience with something like that, or perhaps even with that exact system?


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I looked into it when I had my manual trans troopie....
However like you I could only find a few reviews and no long term info...I like the concept but for me to have it out in the middle of nowhere I needed to know it would last.
I am an amputee so I can shift with a clutch if needed


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Thanks, 1leglance.

I am an amputee too (left lower leg/foot (i.e. below the knee - mid-shin)). I can shift with that leg - not elegantly, but still. It's just not legal for me to drive without either an automatic or some sort of "hand" clutch.

Like you, I couldn't find any long-term reviews either. And implementation in track cars really doesn't count.

Are you amputated above or beneath the knee and which leg is it?


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Left about 8cm below the knee...
Same thing, I can shift on a regular clutch but off road I found I had to hold my leg up in the air over the clutch pedal since I was shifting so much and that got me really tired.

Please keep us posted if you go with anything like this on your setup.

For me auto trans worked out really well on my old Suburban.


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Sweet, thank you Lance!

I am about 10-12 cm below the knee, and I'm glad to hear it's the same leg and place, so I can compare directly. I will keep you guys posted if I go with a system like the Dutch clutch. So far, though, it seems it might be doable* without if I can get a letter from my doctor stating I can drive manual as long as I have my leg on (I probably need to take another test too).

Thanks again, Lance :)

* as in practical, after you posted your experiences.
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